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In-Country Volunteer Project Partnerships

In-Country Volunteer Project Partnerships

Frontier works closely with many institutions both overseas and in the UK. Our conservation programmes are a partnership with local, national and international conservation agencies, NGO's, governments, universities and communities. The expertise and assistance of scientific institutions and scientists world-wide is vital to the direction of our research. We are contracted and funded by conservation grant-making organisations as well as sponsored by international corporations.

We are grateful to our network of partners, affiliations, donors, contractors, sponsors and advisors who have helped make our conservation and sustainable development initiatives and research so outstandingly successful.

Relationships overseas are consolidated through formal partnerships with host country institutions, often ministries, universities, and research institutions. Our current overseas offices and operations are named according to the host country: Frontier-Cambodia, Frontier-Fiji, Frontier-Madagascar, Frontier-Nicaragua and Frontier-Tanzania. All Frontier projects have important main country collaborators as well as numerous other organisations on a smaller scale such as NGOs, individuals and community groups.

Frontier is currently working in collaboration with institutions in five countries across four continents. In each country of operation the Society for Environmental Exploration has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with respective counterparts, forming:


  • Frontier-Cambodia

    Frontier-Cambodia a collaboration between the Society for Environmental Exploration (UK) and the Department of Nature Conservation and Protection within the Ministry for the Environment, Phnom Penh.

  • Ministry of the Environment, Department for Nature Conservation and Protection (DNCP)

    Within Botum Sakor National Park we work with the management staff, rangers, and local community representatives.


  • Frontier-Fiji

    Frontier-Fiji a collaboration between the Society for Environmental Exploration (UK) and The University of South Pacific, Suva.

  • International Ocean Institute - Pacific Islands

    Frontier-Fiji is associated with the IOI Pacific Islands Department at the University of South Pacific, closely working with the communities of Gau and the Lomiviti Provincial Council, to set up 17 small marine reserves. Future developments are leading us to participate in the implementation of the FNTCS (Fiji National Turtle Conservation Strategy) with the USP and WWF.


  • Frontier-Madagascar

    Frontier-Madagascar is a collaboration between the Society for Environmental Exploration (UK) and the Institut Halieutique et des Sciences Marine (IHSM).

  • L'Institut Halieutique et des Sciences Marine (IHSM)

    The IHSM is part of the university of Toliara and is Madagascar main marine research institute. We are also a founding member of the Capricorn Coastal Alliance (CCA) which is an initiative to coordinate, communicate and harness outputs from all organisations conducting natural resource projects in the marine and coastal environments of the Toliara region.

  • Madagascar National Parks (MNP).

    Another partner in Madagascar is the MNP whose mission is to establish, conserve and sustainably manage a national network of parks and reserves representative of the biological diversity and the natural heritage of Madagascar.

Costa Rica

  • Frontier - Costa Rica

    Frontier-Costa Rica is a collaboration between the Society for Environmental Exploration (UK) and the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) in Costa Rica.

  • Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS)

    WCS was founded in 1895. It's mission is to save wildlife and wild places worldwide through science, global conservation, education and the management of the world's largest system of urban wildlife parks. WCS has been involved in conservation in Costa Rica since 1970, when the first national protected areas were created. Today WCS conducts wildlife research and provides technical assistance to Costa Rican authorities for park planning, administration and protection.


  • Frontier-Tanzania

    Frontier-Tanzania a collaboration between the Society for Environmental Exploration (UK) and the University of Dar es Salaam and Institute of Marine Sciences, Zanzibar.

  • University of Dar Es Salaam (USDM) - Institute of Marine Sciences (IMS) Zanzibar

    We are also working with the Ulanga District Council and the Kilombero District Council. And within the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism we work with the Wildlife Division and the Forest and Beekeeping Division. Our work on the Zanzibar archipelago is in conjunction with the Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources, Environment and Co-operatives, Zanzibar.