project review


Review submitted by Un Wa Lok
Review date 13 aug 2018


First time doing marine survey down the water with a great team has taught me a lot. I enjoyed diving with them and I really appreciated of their passion in doing scientific research in this way. I am learning a lot and the experience has changed my view towards marine conservation. It opened my eyes to all the things that have been neglected before.

Camp life was simple but great. At the beginning it took me quite long to get used to it though but slowly I enjoy every bit of it. Whenever I had concerns it was easy to talk to staff and other volunteers and soon my problems were solved. The people have made the once-difficult camp life wonderful.

Demi was very attentive to all my needs. Her lectures were very informative and I have learnt a lot from her. I really appreciate of her passion and it influences me to be more concerned about marine conservation.